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A Passion for Learning


Adam and I are so blessed that both Ella and Griffin had the “Susan Phillips Day School experience.” We feel that we gave our children a gift by sending them to SPDS. You instilled in our children a passion and love for learning especially reading (I remember Marty saying at back to school night that the children would learn to read by the end of the year and I definitely had my doubts at the time…and Marty proved me wrong….Ella was reading by the spring!) and above all to always try and do your best!


Thank you both so much for teaching, caring, loving, and nurturing our children.




Jennifer and Adam Vaughan

Happy Parents


The educators at SPDS offer the perfect blend of academic learning in a developmentally appropriate environment.  Reading skills and mathematical patterns are effectively integrated through the use of play and song.  Learning, effort and achievement are fostered and celebrated at SPDS, as well as the social and emotional well being of these young students.  Kind and respectful interactions with others are taught and reinforced throughout the year.  I truly believe that SPDS has created the ideal formula for motivating young learners, fostering a love of school and learning, and promoting acceptance and appreciation of all.  The educators at SPDS treat your children like family while teaching them to think like scholars.  SPDS recognizes the potential of young minds and equips these learners with the skills to reach their highest potential.  I am confident that, upon completion of a year at this excellent school, students are well prepared for a successful year in kindergarten!


– Peter & Jenni Krogh

There's No Place Like Susan Phillips!




Steve and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful education you gave Jamie and Ethan. They have enjoyed their experience at Susan Phillips while learning many valuable skills. We are very fortunate to have had you start our kids on the right educational path. We want  you to know that you have made the biggest impact on our children. Yes, your curriculum is amazing. They learned to read and write but also many important life skills such as taking turns, sharing, cooperating and appreciating the feelings of others and developing language to communicate.




I think back to Jamie at Susan Phillips and all her crying at drop off. We put up with her tears for half the year! Then she went into kindergarten at Vista Verde Elementary School. She still cried, but not for me . . rather to go back to Susan Phillips! Her teacher would say to me that she feels bad that Jamie does not like her class as much as her last school.


Ethan was a bit different. He started Susan Phillips much more confident and did not blink an eye when I left him with you. He knew the ropes from his big sister and was so excited to experience all the things Jamie told him about. . Kinderbear, Corduroy, share time and, of course, snack time! Before bed the other night I asked him what he would miss most about Susan Phillips. He replied that he would miss his teachers the most.


Again, we thank you for all your time and care you gave our children!


Love, Pamela & Steve Golan

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